Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pestering Daniel Gaunt on Facebook

11:07pmNaly D
Hey bro, just wanted to say congratulations on the NZGP win, and good luck in the Fujitsu's. Racing against Steve Owen should be a better learning experience than all of those rented drives anyway

thanks dude

11:16pmNaly D
No sweat, I'm loving the fact that we finally have guys around my age racing overseas.

11:17pmNaly D
You must have a pretty hectic schedule ahead of you, if you're contesting the next round of the GT3's, then Fujitsu the next weekend? Are you doing testing for McElrae over here or wracking up the airpoints?

yea we testing on 11th, then back to nz to finish gt3 season

11:23pmNaly D
Jeez! That's a bit of a mission. Good luck, sorry to hassle ya late at night!

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