Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lies, damn lies [Team Kiwi Racing follow-up]

A little over a week ago, I wrote this post. The follow-up aspect of this post centres on this quote from a press release published on the TKR website:

'Team Kiwi Racing announced today it will offer five of New Zealand's top drivers the opportunity to compete in the Australian V8 Supercar Championship this year in the TKR All Black machine.'
Yet in the ongoing theme of TKR changing its mind and contradicting itself, this comes from a press release dated Thursday.
'Talented Kiwi driver Johnny Reid... will be testing the TKR All Black V8 Supercar at Queensland Raceway today along with Dean Fiore... and Steve Owen. An announcement if Reid is the successful driver or not for the 2009 in the TKR car will be made shortly.'
The crucial points are: Owen and Fiore are both Australians, and the season begins next weekend. Who will pilot the black beast if not Reid? Surely it would be Owen and Fiore, who obviously fit the 'five of New Zealand's top drivers' requirement. It's also worthwile noting that David John is apparently not in charge of TKR anymore, instead, his accountant, Mike McDonald is. Also, at this week's testing in Queensland the TKR machine was simply last year's Supercheap Auto car with a black fern on the bonnet. Not a single sponsor's decal to be seen.


  1. Oh god, is TKR still running? I have lost touch with V8 Supercars in the last few months or so, I thought they were already sunk. Thankfully they're not the flagship NZ team in V8s because they are a disgrace.