Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cah Crash Chooseday

Here's one from the FIA World GT.
The thing I love about Hockenheim is that you don't realise how fast the cars are going, as the circuit is huoooge.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music brings the People together

For today's post, I was going to touch on bands.
For my first idea, I wanted to talk about bands that had sporting success. It didn't seem like it would be that unlikely. If Jeff Wilson can play cricket [Average ODI of 20.60, eat that Mr Mark-10.50-Richardson] and rugby, then get named as North Harbour co-coach, why can't Kevin Tamati play league and be a drummer for Dragon? Looks like he's got the wrist movements down.
Anyway, I digress. I couldn't find anything suitable in my first three Google's. So then I thought 'What about sportspeople who have gone on to make music?!'
Shaq's rap, anyone? Or I could have followed the 'sports-teams-doing-their-damn-thang' route. But I wanted cool. Not lame. So my hunt gradually epic fail'ed.
So instead, I decided I'd just do my ownlist of 'Sportsmen of today who should be in bands'.
Peyton Manning - R.E.M. Just ignore the fact that they're from Seattle [and that Peyton has a penchant for country], something about Manning just says '90's grunge'.
Richard Kahui - Backstreet Boys. C'mon, you can fully see him taking over from the weird one with glasses.
Shane Smeltz - 'N Sync. Not quite as good looking as the Backstreet Boys, or with the same amount of fans, or ability to consistently perform. Kind of like the Phoenix vs All Blacks argument really.
Daniel Vettori - Jose Gonzalez. Learned. Gentle. Wordsmith.
Greg Murphy - Fred Durst. Hypocritical douche, not respected by his peers, but still has a devoted legion of fans who will buy his stuff - mainly due to the inaccurate media coverage he only receives three times a year.

Yours please...


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where is the Motorsport <3?

I'm appealing to you, the five readers of my blog, to help me find NZ-based motorsport blogs. Whether written by professionals, amateurs or just enthusiasts, I would like to find a decent quality, regularly updated [every 3 weeks at least] blog.



Bears! Playing! Hockey!

No, it's not the name of a new indie band.

I concede that this situation may have been cruel as these bears appear to have been raised in captivity, however in no way by posting this video do I support or endorse any acts of violence or cruelty to animals. If you are offended by the video, here is Ninja Cat.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe I should have listened to my mum more

Graham Henry wins World Fair Play award [Stuff]


Cah Crash Chooseday

Robert Kubica's phenomenal crash at Canada last year, as seen from an alternate angle to the TV broadcast.


Couple of interesting stories out of the US this morning.

Regarding the Chargers v Steelers match. It gives all the background in there except the savings to the bookies are estimated at $64m. [video here]

And it seems like Mark Cuban is in a spot of bother.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Join the dots

Lion Nathan's attempts to take over Coca-Cola Amatil come to light on the same day as SPARC make these statements following comments by National's sports spokesman on an apparent review of the rules regarding alcohol advertising in sport. [Last couple of paragraphs]

As a side note, I finally found National's sports policy the other day, in a press release dated Nov 03. Odd that it doesn't actually appear on the policy page though.


Where to from here?

Ahhh, the Cowboys.
The glory boys of the NFL.
"America's Team".
The team which annually receives the most media exposure [In their bye-week they still remained in the daily top stories on the front page of nfl.com]. [Very good article on this here]
Touted this year to make the playoffs, if not go undefeated.
And now they're 5-4. If Umaga is supposed to be quaking in his boots for the poor performance of Toulon, how does Wade Phillips feel about now?


Something wicked this way comes...

It would appear that Warren Gatland is planning to do something silly.
Or smart, since he won't have to listen to the talkback on it...

This talkback will not doubt bring the debate on the haka to the fore yet again.
Year after year, people argue 'it's not the property of the All Blacks' or 'it's disrepectful to rip it off/sell it'.
These uniformed talkbackers [is there any other kind] do not realise the haka is part of culture. Maori culture, Samoan culture, Tongan culture, Hawaiian culture.
adidas and the All Blacks have not attempted to 'sell off' or 'corporatise' the haka - which was being used by the team years before adidas came along.
Even the so-called 'new' haka is not. Originally called Ko Niu Tireni, I had a severe case of deja vu when I first saw it performed against South Africa. Because this was essentially the same haka as I had performed when attending Wellington College.
It was first performed by the 'Invicibles' in 1924. [Thanks to this site for the info]


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Pluck Me, Bro

looks like Wales have gotten themselves in a spot of PETA bother for their new Canary-jersey.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cah Chrash Chooseday

This week's crash:


Some people get all the luck.

Read it through all the way. For those who can't , basically a guy had a car, he died, someone went to sell it on eBay for $500, only to find out it was one of six extremely rare Pontiac's. And it ends up selling for $250,000.


Friday, November 7, 2008

This is the Stig

The Stig.
There is many a debate about who he/she/it is.
Ex-F1 drivers, current F1 drivers, Darren Turner, Ben Collins etc etc...

Well, last night I got an interesting phone call.
A friend of mine has this year taken up a senior role with a European-based carmaker. During filming for the new season, he was invited on set. With his companies test driver. Who was then filmed as The Stig.

Apparently, the deal is this. The car makers got very nervous at some stage about letting someone who was unfamiliar with their car [understandable] take it for hot laps. It started off with one maker, the one my friend is at, before the others began demanding their drivers be allowed to drive their cars - or their cars simply would not appear on the show any more.

Makes sense to me. Your thoughts?


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is Craig Stanaway an Idiot?

Today on BSport he was having a go about Dan Carter not playing enough.
His main bone of contention was that Carter has played less than 1000 minutes of rugby during this season's Super 14, which is apparently very little in comparison to top players in other sports.

Newsflash Craig. The Crusaders played 15 matches this year, including the semi and final. If he were to have played every single minute of every single game, that's 1200 minutes. Adding on the 3 pre-season matches, that's 1440.

But let me take you back, to a match between the Hurricanes and Crusaders, held at Westpac Stadium. Remember that? Remember Carter getting injured? This Herald article says it happened on March 28, while this one is shortly before his return.

So March 28 - May 5 = 5 games. 5x80=400. 1200-400=800. Plus the pre-season match against the Waratahs [he missed the first two due to injury] = 880.

Do some research before you go and try and drum up a lynch mob, Craig. While you were right about him playing less than 1000 minutes, you simply cannot claim this was his decision.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sporting Funnies: We Interrupt this Broadcast...

UPDATEDThe Bill and Ben Party launched their campaign on BSport last Friday.
Here it is:

Part One
Part Two
Update: Today they appeared on Paul Holmes Breakfast.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Bill reads an advertorial


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Talkin' about a TITANic Effort

At the start of the NFL season I was reading the ESPN Magazine - which had picked the Titans for the playoffs. Sure, I agreed. They're an above average team which should have no problem making the playoffs. But they aren't winners.

Boy was I wrong. 7-0 run this season [helped by misfortune to other teams, though...]
The rest of the season looks pretty good for their playoff chances too, with games against the Bears, Steelers and a rematch with the Colts seemingly their only obstacles. Next question... Conference winners?


The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

I was going to ignore the F1 Brazilian GP which was held yesterday, but I can't.
Last year's F1 was by far the best I've seen, but this year's series was just its crappier hangover.

A year that started off with BMW adding more dangly bits than anybody else [Note: three links there] but not as a result of Honda's lack of a decent crack at it.

The season then quietened down for the first few rounds, with the first really good bitchfight at Bahrain, where Hamilton was a douche to Fisichella. On Lap 1 oif this year's race Hamilton got a poor start, which eventually damaged his wing. On lap 2, he ran into Alonso. Both camps then attributed the crash to each other, with McLaren-Mercedes claiming Alonso brake-checked his former teammate, while the Renault camp believed Hamilton's lack of downforce caused the crash. Fanboys on the internet were much aggrieved.

Next up, cult favourite Super Aguri began its descent into oblivion.

A few boring rounds followed, before heading to Canada, where BMW and Robert Kubica got the win in a race where the F1 cars [apparently] pulled up the tarmac. Hamilton won at Silverstone, giving Bernie Ecclestone's hard-on some justification, yet he still moved the British GP to Donnington, which will have an altered layout.

Sept 08: The Hamilton camp gets penalised 25 seconds for passing Raikonnen after 'cutting a corner'.

Alonso came from seemingly nowhere to win the Singaporean GP. Then backed it up the next round in Japan. Then ran his mouth.

The season was dominated by commentary, as all good motorsport should. Unfortunately, this series' commentary never fails to reach new levels of awful. I've included an excerpt for your pleasure [just imagine it is being screamed in your ear by a Briton who sounds as though he failed as a greyhound announcer].

The two coolest things about this season were:

and when I discovered this


Monday, November 3, 2008

Monthly Blog Spotlight

I'm going to try and start this monthly, if I can remember.
For November, I've chosen ruggerblogger, run by Ferdy.

Her writing is good and her insight is valuable - a lack of real technical analysis and the fact there are only news posts after the All Blacks play are both a positive and a negative, however.

Keep up the good work, Ferds.


One Rule for you, another for us.

Lesley Murdoch talking on the John Dunne show about the netball between the Silver Ferns and Australia.
'What on earth are two men doing umpiring an international women's fixture like that?'

Sorry, but what?
Sexism isn't cool, Lesley.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Chop Suey for Dingo

So the All Blacks beat Australia last night in a very, very average test match.

The gameplan for both teams was made obvious from the outset [with some bourbon-marks on the table helping me to demonstrate to those less obvious] - All Blacks kick for territory, knowing the Australians will run it back and 'play what they see in front of them'. Sure, they can do that in the freezing night-climes of Eden Park, but Hong Kong? With 80% humidity? C'mon Robbie.

Referee Alan Lewis has drawn a lot of criticism, but I think he did well. While the game did not flow flawlessly which is what the crowd wanted to see, I think this is simply a flow-on of the adjustment to playing two different sets of rules. Talkback today was claiming Lewis over-reffed the scrums, but I disagree. How many times in the past few years have coaches complained that scrums aren't watched enough? Or called for new rules? There is no point introducing new rules when the current trend for scrummaging requires them to be reset five times. In my opinion, the game would be better removing scrums completely. They just make it look clumsy and slow. If we're trying to 'promote' the game to new markets, what kind of signal does this send?

Don't get me started on the pitch quality either.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

'Allo 'Allo 'Allo, What's goin' 'ere then?

Rioting in Gaza?
The fighting on the Gold Coast?

Nope, it's fans celebrating after the Phillies won the World Series of Baseball 4-3.
Incidentally, for those who wonder 'why is it the WORLD series, when it's only American and Canadian teams?' The answer is that it was sponsored by the World Newspaper.
EDIT: It appears I was wrong, thanks Hadyn.


Check this out


It is a rugby manager game - completely free - which allows you to create your own teams and take on other users. If you've ever played Battrick or Hattrick, the layout will be very familiar.