Monday, November 17, 2008

Something wicked this way comes...

It would appear that Warren Gatland is planning to do something silly.
Or smart, since he won't have to listen to the talkback on it...

This talkback will not doubt bring the debate on the haka to the fore yet again.
Year after year, people argue 'it's not the property of the All Blacks' or 'it's disrepectful to rip it off/sell it'.
These uniformed talkbackers [is there any other kind] do not realise the haka is part of culture. Maori culture, Samoan culture, Tongan culture, Hawaiian culture.
adidas and the All Blacks have not attempted to 'sell off' or 'corporatise' the haka - which was being used by the team years before adidas came along.
Even the so-called 'new' haka is not. Originally called Ko Niu Tireni, I had a severe case of deja vu when I first saw it performed against South Africa. Because this was essentially the same haka as I had performed when attending Wellington College.
It was first performed by the 'Invicibles' in 1924. [Thanks to this site for the info]

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