Monday, January 12, 2009

Jesse's best served on the rocks

By now you will have heard that Jesse Ryder's been on the chop again.
As with last time, it's led to radio listeners calling up demanding he be dropped. Now I'm going to play devil's advocate here and ask for a little bit of perspective. What Ryder did was head to town and drink. With his friends. In his 'home' town.
He certainly didn't put his hand through a glass door again, nor did he attack a bunch of All Blacks. I didn't see him but I'm pretty sure he wasn't running around telling people that drinking is great and you should do it every chance you get.

He missed a training session and team meeting which is unprofessional and I do think he deserved his suspension, but have you never done the same? Sure your job may be less glamorous and involve less smacking the ball out of the park and more assembling the actual balls, but in principle it is the same. And what happened to you, did you get fired?

The boy is the saviour of New Zealand Cricket - He's got Generation Y following and going to the matches, something they've been largely apathetic to thus far. Do you really want NZC to cut him and risk losing that market?

PS: He wasn't the only BLACKCAP out on the town.

Disclaimer: I in no way am telling you that it's ok to drink, but if you're going to, have a couple of Epics.

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